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Our Manufacturers

For years we have only trusted the best parquet manufacturers and worked with select partners.

With the Di Legno Original collection, Di Legno is the specialist par excellence for oak floors, which have the charisma and weathered look of a noble, antique parquet that has been used for many years.

di legno
cp parquet

Crespano Parchetti has been producing beautiful natural wood parquets for more than 30 years. Using the best types of wood, the company creates floors of great attractiveness.

Since its founding in 1984, Schotten & Hansen has earned a solid international reputation. Wood is a material that people like to surround themselves with.

Schotten & Hansen
biehrer design

Biehrer – the family name of the owner-managed company becomes the new brand name. Every single tree is personally selected. Its growth, color and texture determine the processing. Planks of the highest quality are created with the greatest care

Bjelin wide planks are manufactured using a patented technology to harden the wood and make it stronger. It is an innovative wooden floor with a real wood feel that is many times stronger than other wooden floors and makes optimal use of renewable raw materials.

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